Saturday, 18 February 2012


Kuranda was our next stop, ‘the Village in the Rainforest’.  The village itself is everything you would expect from an Australian tourist destination; a small tourist info centre, a few art galleries, some local markets selling ‘authentic’ aboriginal artefacts and about a hundred places to eat and drink.
We had a quick wander but left the Japanese to buy their didgeridoos and headed off to the forest!

I'm a celebrity...
Wild bush

It was humid, hot and full of bugs and other wildlife, including the Bush Turkey, lizards, and an insect that looks like a leaf!




We crossed the creek and spotted a dragonfly. I say spotted, it was about the size of a remote controlled helicopter!

After about 20 minutes we got to the Barron River which looked a bit like the river in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, unfortunately it didn't smell the same!

No Oompa Loompas to be seen

It was here next to the river we found the world’s smallest frogs.  Here’s a little spot the frog competition – answers have to be hand delivered to us to win a prize.  Closing date - midday 18 February 2012.

Rainforest Version of Spot the Ball

2 trains a day but still the odd train spotter types!
The last leg of our walk hugged the Barron River for a few miles back to the village.  Here a number of mangroves lined the banks, before the village came back into view.

The Barron River makes its way towards the sea, but before it gets there it runs out of bed and cascades down at Barron Falls.  The posters showed this thundering, raging falls. We were a little disappointed to say the least!

The Mighty Barron Falls

Our last stop was Wrights Lookout.
It was all Wright.
Almost blue sky!

Just in case you thought there wasn’t a frog in that picture above here is the answer!


And here is some sort of scale to show how small it really is!
DS needs a pedicure!

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