Friday, 3 February 2012


We started our Friday morning in the best possible way - with a glass of wine; all in the name of research though before you judge us!

We had joined a wine tour of the Swan Valley, just 30 mins drive from Perth. By 10am, we were in Guildford and our first of 8 tastings were poured!

We arrived at Waters Edge winery, and were greeted by our host Dana, and whilst she talked we drank! Here's what we sampled;

  1. Wagtail Sparkling Chardonnay / Chenin Blanc
  2. Classic Dry (87% Sauvignon Blanc / 13% Riesling)
  3. Kingfisher Chardonnay
  4. Turnstone Riesling
  5. Swamphen Shiraz
  6. Spoonbill Cabernet Merlot (60/40)
  7. Late Harvest Riesling
  8. Frog Mouth Tawny Port
All which are not available anywhere outside of the Swan Valley!

So we piled back on the bus, and Andrew drove to Pinelli Wines, a boutique winery now into its second generation within the Pinelli family where we sampled:

  1. Family Reserve Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Family Reserve Verdelho
  3. Breanna Rose
  4. Scarlett Rose
  5. Late Harvest Sweet White
  6. Family Reserve Shiraz
  7. Family Reserve Merlot
  8. Aged Tawny Port
I think a couple of people were telling us about the wine and how it was made, but all we can remember is that the rose are both named after the daughters of one of the owners. 

Houghton's not so secret ingredients
No time for resting, on to winery number three; Houghton's commercial winery. At last, one that actually sells wine away from Australia!

We missed the talking and got down to business;
  1. Houghton Classic White
  2. Bandit Sauvignon Blanc / Pinot Gris
  3. Houghton Merlot
  4. Bandit Shiraz / Tempranillo
  5. Late Sweet Verdelho

Then it was time for lunch - with wine! Probably a good idea to be honest!

Winery number 4 was Windy Creek. The tasting area was outdoor, so it was far too hot to listen to how and why the winery was set up.  We just got down to tasting - and now we had food in our stomachs we were on a mission!
    1. Verdelho
    2. Chardonnay
    3. Chenin Blanc
    4. Rose
    5. Merlot
    6. Shiraz
    7. White Port
    8. Liquor Shiraz
    9. 8 yr Tawny Port
    10. Muscat

    And this is the result!

    You may think that this is enough (apart from Mr & Mrs Chantler, Ms Cuthbert and Mr Donovan) but oh no - winery number five; Charlies Estate. Yep - another one where you can only buy at the door, but they did give us cheese and nougat!  And wine! 


    1. Classic white (cab/chenin blanc/verdelho)
    2. Chardonnay
    3. Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
    4. Shiraz
    5. Merlot
    6. Late Harvest Verdelho
    7. Sweet Shiraz

    To complete our  booze fest, what better way than a pint of lager and a cider at Mash Breweries!

    They made beer. And cider. I think. 

    Now we were all hanging, we visited The Margaret River Chocolate Company. We ate loads of sample chocolates, but for some reason forgot to take any photos!  

    The bus ride back to Perth was quiet! We didn't do much in the evening. Hic

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    1. Still looks like an amazing little trip you guys are having. You both look great as well - have you lost some weight, David, or is it your extra brilliant camera which makes you look slimmer?