Thursday, 2 February 2012

Happy Australia Day!

Australia Day, celebrated on 26 January each year, marks the anniversary of Captain Arthur Phillip establishing a colony in Sydney (it would have been 18 January if Botany Bay had been a suitable location to establish a penal colony).

Perth hosts the biggest Australia Day event in the country, and as we happened to be in the city it seemed rude not to attend!

As Australia Day is a national holiday there wasn't much to do in the morning as all of the shops were shut.  We ventured out into the 40c heat around 2pm and caught a bus into town.  As most of the roads were shut the bus dropped us further away from the foreshore than our apartment was, but we got to see a little more of the city!

We started by having our picnic in the liveliest sectioned off area in the park - only to realise after we had finished eating it was meant for indigenous people!

So instead we found a bar that sounded promising and settled in to watch the airshow.  It started with a number of old bi-planes and small stunt planes.

A giant flag was unfurled and flown around by helicopter before the Royal Australian Air Force performed some low level manoeuvres over the river.

The sun set, and we took our place on the foreshore with a few hundred thousand other people in  anticipation of the main event.

The music started, the fireworks started, and went on synchronised to the music for 25 minutes, including two new verses of Tie Me Kangaroo Down written especially for the show by Rolf!

These were without doubt the best fireworks we have ever seen, even though about halfway through the heavens opened and lightning joined in with the display. 

If you have a spare 25 mins, watch this video link - its the official Channel 7 Telecast of the fireworks.  If you don't have that long, watch the last 5 mins!

Video Link - Channel 7 City of Perth Skyworks 2012

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