Friday, 13 January 2012

Ha Long Bay

A torturous bus journey that seemed to go on for days, but really only lasted 3.5 hours, took us from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay where we boarded a junk boat and set sail. The bay contains over 3000 limestone islands and islets, many named after animals they are supposed to look like.

Ha Long means Bay of Descending Dragon, as according to legend the gods sent a team of dragons to protect the Vietnamese people and they decided to live in the bay.

Whatever it means it's simply stunning.

Its a dog! It looks like a rock.

Either Fighting or Kissing Cock Island, depending on your Guide. Uninhabited

Floating community of fisherman.  

For sale. $150k dollars. Planning permission applications to UNESCO. 

Sung Sot (Surprise) Grotto.
It's a cannon! 

 After climbing a few hundred steps to enter Sung Sot, our guide pointed out countless 'animals', 'Buddhas' and other look-a-like rock formations. They all looked like rocks.

Except 'The Cannon'. Now that is a more like it!

2km further down the bay is Titop Island.
Titop Island

View from halfway up Titop

Field and Trek pose from top of Titop

On top of Titop - yes I was sweaty, it was a tough climb!

The mist just adds to the ethereal feel

Three different styles and boats, one common goal; fish.   

It was a long day!


  1. I am loving the informative yet occasionally amusing commentry. David is a sweaty Beatty.

    Your pictures are looking amazing and it looks like the 2 of you are actually getting on..... Well done Amy, but I'm sure your patience will run out!!!
    More cheesey photos of the 2 of you "in love" please. I have printed the photo of the 2 of you with the tiger and framed it- it is by my bedside as contraception!

    Take care and keep blogging!!

  2. You know what, David, you should take up photography, you are actually pretty good at it! Really loving the blog and especially the photos of canon shaped rocks!

    Looking forward to the next blog

    Si and Ali