Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Bangkok - Completed!

We deserved a rest so got up late then headed down the river to Memorial Bridge in search of the flower market.

Rather than take the sky train we thought we'd mix it up and use the underground, but were horrified to learn over the loudspeaker that 'the next train is going to bang Sue'. We thought it only right that we find Sue and warn her, but then it got worse - they advertised prices too, and let the kids join in!

OAP discount! 

35 Baht a bunch! 

What the guide book didn't tell you is that most of the flowers are sold by the wholesalers between 2-6 am each morning!

The main market was fairly empty by now, apart from the few remaining sellers with stock wrapped in old newspapers so we wandered over the road to where the fruit and veg wholesalers were located.

My childhood hell

Not quite as colourful as we imagined the flower market to be during peak trading hours  but still very busy and chaotic, and cocunuts were cheap!


Then we arrived at the chilli section - we've never seen so many chillis and the whole area was full of colour! 
Hotter than a Bangkok summer

A rat bigger than Amy's not insignificant foot shot out in front of us, and at that point we headed for safety and somehow managed to find ourselves sat in in the Mandarin Oriental just in time for afternoon tea!

Nom, nom, nom....

To cap off our stay in Bangkok, we headed up the State Tower, to the Sky Bar as featured at the end of Hangover 2 (just without the helicopters and police)

By night!
By day

Chilli Mojito - never made before!

View from floor 64
Raspberry G&T

I spy with my little eye.....

Next stop; Hanoi!

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