Friday, 4 May 2012

Runyon Canyon & Our Debut on American TV!

Runyon Canyon is a 160 acre park, close to Mulholland Drive. It is the favoured dog walking park for celebrities who live in the mountains, but for us was a chance to stretch our legs and get some fresh (ish) air!

Runyon Canyon


Views of Downtown!

The fresh air was a little too fresh, so we drove to the Griffith Observatory and back to the sunshine. As it turned out, nearly everyone in LA had decided to do the same. We parked over a mile away and walked in - just as the chilly breeze turned into a freezing wind! Tickets are sold on a first come first served basis. It was early afternoon.  We took in the views of the city.

Newly renovated

The views over the city were great!


It was cold!

Scary eyes! 

Spot the main road!


Who knew she was a war veteran?

The next day we made our debut on American TV! We managed to get hold of tickets to watch filming of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We had never heard of the guests nor the band but arrived at 2:30pm and in we went!

As no cameras are allowed in we can't really show you inside, but here we are caught on TV!
The guests were actually quite good - Albert Brooks and Chumley & Big Hoss from Pawn Stars, but the band, Neon Trees were awesome.  So much so we downloaded both albums!

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