Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Rest of Sydney

We started our downtown tour at Government House next to the Botanic Gardens, the seat of the NSW State Governor. It was built in the mid 1840s and contains a large art collection.  It is only open to visitors by appointment at weekends, but we were allowed to stroll around the immaculately manicured grounds and ornamental gardens.
Government House

Ornamental Garden

Views to Sydney Harbour
The Veranda

From Government House we strolled along Elizabeth Street to St James and site of the impressive St Mary's Cathedral.

We wandered through the shops in the Queen Victoria Building. The QVB was built in 1898 as a monument to the reigning monarch. Today it is an upscale shopping precinct.


 After spending a little cash, we headed over to Darling Harbour. This area is full of restaurants and cafes, so we did what we do best; ate! 

My Darling
This was one of the funniest things we have seen all holiday! 

Our final day in Sydney, Friday 30 March 2012, started with a walk around the Botanical Gardens; the best example of a botanic garden we have seen on our tour.
Bird of Paradise

Water Lilly

The only part of the gardens we didn't spend too much time in was where the spiders were hanging out.  The one below was literally the size of a hand. 


The gardens are also home to a large population of Flying Foxes, a type of bat. Flying Foxes only feed on nectar, blossom, pollen, and fruit. Their senses of smell and eyesight are very well-developed to locate food. When feeding they crash into foliage and grab hold of it, then swing upside down before drawing food into its mouth with one of its hind feet or with the clawed thumbs at the top of its wings.
Hanging out with friends
Odd fruit

We wandered back to Circular Quay and listened to the Aborigine didgeridoo player for a bit before heading up to the Observatory for a great view of the Harbour Bridge. 
Bob won second place in the fancy dress competition as a skeleton

Circular Quay

View from Observation Park 

The final Sydney landmark from our week was Harry's. His 'kitchen' has been serving pies, coffees and other snacks for over 60 years, and the hundreds of photos of famous folk who have eaten there seem to endorse his grub. We just took a picture!
World Famous in Woolloomooloo

Next stop Hawaii! 

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