Monday, 12 March 2012

Franz Heli Hike!

We woke up to good weather! Hooray - helicopter time! 
We checked in and were given some special boots, crampons in a tasteful bumbag and a waterproof jacket. And before you say anything we were told to tuck our trousers in! 

Clown feet

Our helicopter appeared overhead, the excitement grew as it landed, and we boarded - Amy straight in the front next to the pilot. 

I want one!

We're up and away!

Franz from above

We hugged the valley sides all the way to the top before taking a closer look, circling around the neve and seeing the sheer scale and power of the ice - amazing.

After landing, our guide, Ryan (from Suffolk!!!), helped us put our crampons on and we were off on a 2 hour hike through caves and over pinnacles.  The hike route is decided on the day as it all depends on how the ice has moved and how safe the area is.  Ryan did cut a few steps here and there to help! As Franz is the steepest glacier in the world, it forms the most spectacular landscape in the world.  Here's a taster of the 100s of photos we took.

Cold? Not with those calf muscles!

It's not a fashion show! 

Making it look easy

Making it look hard!

Looking awesome
The caves, cracks, drains, waterfalls, crevasses and the blueness of the ice was simply stunning.

Ice Surfing - much easier than actual surfing!

Thanks to the axe we were able to travel! 
Like a walk in the park


About 30m deep!

Huge pinnacles

The clouds are coming back but it's time to go anyway!

Maverick and Goose! 

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