Friday, 30 December 2011

First Stop - Hong Kong

After checking in and being separated for 12 hours on the flight to Hong Kong, we were reunited and hopped on the shuttle bus to our hotel.

Being 8 hours ahead, it was already 5pm on Thursday as we made our way into Central Hong Kong passed the 5 million dried seafood warehouses selling everything from crusty mussels and wrinkly cockles to shark fins - smells as good as it sounds!

Our first stop was Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon - great if you want to buy fake clothes, headphones or angry birds memorabilia! We didn't.

When in Rome (or Hong Kong) we decided to try some 'local' food in a 'local' restaurant - Sino Vegetarian Restaurant to be precise.  It was the best 'vegetarian' sesame chicken and noodles I've ever had. Guess it was lost translation as no-one there spoke English.

We wandered back down Nathan Road to Tsim Sha Tsai looking at the Christmas lights before crashing out for the night.

We woke up bright not early and headed for HSBC head office in Central to touch the paw of the lion for good luck - lets hope it works!

I now have a new favourite mode of public transport; the Star Ferry to Kowloon -  a 10 min cruise over the harbour for less than 21p! So good we did it twice!

Walking down Avenue of the Stars it was good to see that Hong Kong knows what an athlete I am

I also fought Bruce
(and won - he's not as quick as he used to be)

After lunch we headed up the longest escalator in the world to the Mid Levels - then had to walk all the way back down again as its only one way.
After a brief wander around the worlds only free zoo, we needed coffee so headed off to the 10 storey Times Square mall in Causeway Bay. Once there it seemed rude not to shop - so we did!

Another trip over to Kowloon, this time for Symphony Of Lights - awesome!
more photos to come of this after the New Year fireworks tomorrow!

To round off the evening, we ate at Wah Fung Roast Meats with the obligatory green tea - we could live in this city for the food alone!


  1. Wow! Not bad for the first couple of days - lets see how long the thorough blog entries last!! Have fun and take care. Xx

  2. Happy new year! hope this reaches you as we have just set up an account for your mum. Look forward to following your trip. Love Mhairi and Ian xxx

  3. just trying this out! happy new year sounds as if you had fun!If this gets to you i will write again! LOTS of love xx

  4. Wow, seems like you have already done an entire trip's worth of stuff. We won't point out the two (deliberate) mistakes in this day's blog...